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There are many companies in which the owner is not available every time to check the working. So, he prefers to install security cameras in his office. He can have an eye on his employees any time he wants. There are also many other purposes for installing security cameras. The cameras protect much building and can stop many criminals from performing acts that can be caught in the eye of the camera.

Videos of the cameras installed can be viewed by the person anytime he wants by installing a simple application gCMOB app on his android phone. The person can remain in touch with his work every time. He can have a view of his house or office anytime he wants. He just wants to take out his mobile phone from his pocket and get an internet connection. Wherever you are sitting in the world you can find access to the place you have installed the cameras.


Features of gCMOB App

gCMOB app is a surveillance software by which a user can connect to CP PLUS DVRs, NVRs, IP cameras and can have live streaming from Video Door Phones. The features of this application for your android phones are:

  • This application can support four channels.
  • Users can scan the QR codes of different devices if he/she wants to add an ant device to his/her system.
  • This surveillance camera app has a wonderful sliding feature by which you can view different cameras. 
  • You just need to have one click to switch to main or extra streaming videos. 
  • Supports the Video Door Phone feature. 
  • We can customize our favorite camera which we want to view. We can edit the view of different cameras. 
  • App users can easily zoom in to live videos. 
  • The guide user interface (GUI) of the gCMOB app is very easy to control. 
  • It supports real-time playback when you are enjoying live streaming. 
  • The users can control the relay outputs easily. You can control the close or open switch of doors. 
  • You can also get HDD status which is about the health monitoring system. 
  • The local file exports can be done easily.

Advantages and disadvantages of gCMOB


This app is very useful for the users as it provides video playback and image playback both. The life flexible preview that can split up to 16 is very beneficial for the users. Quick starting of the live streaming videos has lessened the time of connectivity with the place where ever you want. The Push Videos supported by the application is a great feature that can be enjoyed by the users. Users can enjoy Two Way Talk by this application. Some of the other advantages of this mobile app are 

  • You can direct your cameras to the areas where you need more attention. 
  • There is no need for the requirement of an IT expert to operate this application. 
  • You can have easy access to the situation that has happened some time ago.
  • We can easily use this app over mobile data as it is designed to optimize the live streaming. 
  • The latest version that is 3.0.3 has improved the Insta On connection. 
  • The addition of a fresh button to get the channel details in the new version is a great feature that enables the users to install this app on their mobile phones.


  • The app cannot be used to download the playback videos.
  • Playback speed is only 1x. You cannot export videos for a given timeline.
  • It does not contain any dark theme. 
  • The demo available for the use of the app also fails to guide the users.
  • User has to watch the recordings manually. 

How to download gCMOB app for android

You can download this application online easily. The application is available on the Google play store. The latest version of the gCMOB app is 3.0.3 that you can download for android 4.0.3+ version. It is a free program on android. The language is English that can easily be understood while following the steps for installation. You need to follow some steps for installing this application. 

  • We have to open the Google play store on our mobile phone then search for gCMOB app or click on the download link at the end of steps.
  • You will see an install button provided on the page. 
  • Click the install button. It will automatically start the installation on your mobile phone.
  • After installation, you will see two options. You have to click for the options related to cameras. 
  • When you will open the application you have to manage the device driver. You will see a + sign. Click on this sign to add new devices. 
  • It will demand your username and password. Provide a username and password you can remember easily. 
  • After that, you are done with every requirement. You just have to click on the live streaming to view the cameras installed on your provided DVR serial number.

 Download APK

Customers Satisfaction

The rating of this app on Google plays tore is 4.4 stars. Customers are completely satisfied with this application because it is easy to use. This app works even well with mobile data. The updated version of this application has improved the GUI and has provided more comfort to the users.

This app is wonderful as it makes the monitoring of the devices easy. App can be opened easily and the connectivity speed is fast. The android is compatible with every version of android. The experts who have designed this app has solved all the issues of the customers and made his app a user-friendly application. The new version includes newly designed icons that look very nice.

Bottom line 

gCMOB app is a great application as it has made monitoring easy and accessible. The connectivity and the speed of this application have shifted many of the owners towards its use. Now you can easily look for your desired place, where you have installed security cameras, whenever and wherever you want.