gCMOB for PC Free Download(Windows 7,8,10& Mac)

gCMOB for PC is an application that fulfills all your requirements for managing IP cameras. It is a software that provides live streaming from the IP cameras. You can use this application to monitor your CCTV cameras. This application requires an internet connection. It works without any hindrance with Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G networks. gCMOB can record all the videos on the camera and save them on the device you are using this app on. Saved videos can also be watched with any internet connection. This application not only provides playback options but also has a sliding function to display different cameras at a time.

gcmobapp installation on PC

The new version of this app includes motion detectors warning when the camera detects any moment in the video. Easily manage multiple DVR at the same time. We just need to click on the camera that we need to view. This application allows the user to quickly manage and control the videos from IP cameras. It supports push video and PTZ control. This is one of the best surveillance software that is available free of cost. 

Installation of gCMOB CCTV app for PC

You can use the gCMOB app on your mobile or PC that has windows 7, windows 8 or windows 10. This app is also available for Mac Computers. gCMOB app provides 24/7 surveillance to its users. When you are using this application on your PC you can enjoy all the features of this application. It is free to download. You can have live broadcast and many other beneficial advantages by installing this app on your PC. We can also use cloud storage on our PC to save recorded videos. The recorded videos can easily be reviewed whenever we want.

gCMOB app has managed to make the life of its user very comfortable. The designers are of the view at the app is made user-friendly. A little bit of knowledge of computers can make you able to install this application on your PC. The digital zoom function of the gCMOB app can be enjoyed on the PC. If you want to install the gCMOB app for PC you need to have Android emulators installed in your PC. The emulators that are mostly used are BlueStacks and NOX App Player. You can download these emulators online from any website. After downloading these emulators you have to install them on your Windows or Mac.

The minimum requirement for installing gCMOB app for PC

  • It depends upon your device that you want to download the gCMOB app either for Windows or Mac.
  • We need an Android emulator for the installation of the gCMOB app on our PC. These emulators are free to download and can run the application more smoothly. When you are using these emulators the installation of this app may take some time to start. 
  • We must have at least Windows Vista or an updated OS to run this app on our PC. The presence of Windows 7, 8 or 10 will run this app smoothly on your PC.
  • The gCMOB app for PC requires a minimum of 2GB RAM for your device.

Steps for the installation of the gCMOB app for PC

The installation of the gCMOB app for PC needs the following steps to be followed. 

  • The primary step you need to follow is that you should install the Android emulators on your Windows or Mac. The emulators speed up the connectivity of the gCMOB app. You will feel more comfortable while using this application and downloading it via Android emulators. Download Bluestacks at https://www.bluestacks.com/download.html
  • When you have installed the BlueStacks or NOX App Player then you need to start the player. 
  • Now, open play store in the emulator to install android apps on PC
  • We have to search for the gCMOB app in the search bar. 
  • When the gCMOB app page will open. Click on the install button. The Android emulator installed by you will perform the remaining function. 
  • After installing the app you have to click the open button to use all its features. 
  • When you open the application you need to customize the settings according to your requirement. Do not forget to add your CP plus DVR in the device manager icon of the application.
  • You can add any IP camera to your app if you want to view the live streaming of that camera anytime. 

Benefits of using gCMOB app on PC

The gCMOB app is very beneficial for its users. The users of this app who are using it on their Pc are completely satisfied by the service they are providing. It is an ultimate Android surveillance app that allows live streaming of IP cameras, DVRs and Video Door Phones. The main window of this application allows the user either to enter into camera mode or use the Door Phone.

There are many options from which the user can choose the view of the footage. The application has a great feature of splitting the screen into sixteen small sections. There are many options to add a device to this application. So when you are using this application on your PC you can add many DVRs to this application and view the footage of as many cameras as you want. It is because of the sliding feature available in the gCMOB app.

Bottom line

The gCMOB app for PC has made it possible for the user to check and balance the field which he/she needs. Users can now connect to installed CCTV cameras from anywhere. The application is a good step towards the improvement of the security systems. Foul players now know that their acts can be monitored easily. The services provided by this application are unmatchable. The use of the gCMOB app has provided comfort to a person who has installed the CCTV cameras at his home or office.