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One of the best surveillance applications is gCMOB HD app for Android. It is literally a revolutionary surveillance application. There are and there were many surveillance applications beside gCMOB but none of them has/had been able to compete with this impeccable product. Many things make it different from other products of its kind.

The first and foremost important feature of gCMOB is that it is a user-friendly application. It is easy to operate the application. Even little children as young as the age of 7 can operate it without any problem. Apart from video surveillance, it also has features to capture pictures and record videos. It is also capable of showing the playback videos. Further information about this application is given below.

Specifications of gCMOB HD

gcmob hd apk for Android
  • The gCMOB application is published by CP Plus GmBh.
  • The gCMOB lies in the Business Software category.
  • The sub-category in which gCMOB application lies is Business Application.
  • An Andriod operating system of version 4.0.3 and above is required for this application.
  • This software can be installed on any device having an Android application.
  • Its license for this application is free.
  • The gCMOB has many versions. The latest version of this application is 3.0.3

Features and Advantages of using gCMOB HD

The Graphical User Interference (GUI) of gCMOB is remarkably designed. It makes GCMOB an attractive application with easy to use options.

With gCMOB, the preview of the screen can be split into 16 boxes. Making it easy for the user to cover all the priority areas at one time.

Interaction with the application has been made easier by developing it into multiple languages. It is true. New versions of gCMOB can be operated in multiple languages.

This application can conveniently be shared with the family members by resorting to the simple step of family sharing. It can be shared among as many as six family members.

It can show the playback of all the sixteen boxes. This feature makes the gCMOB application more worthful.

Along with many other fascinating features of the gCMOB is the sliding feature. A user can switch from one set of cameras to another by simply using this sliding feature.

It has a digital zoom-in and zoom-out feature. It can be done while viewing live videos and when watching playback videos.

It enables a user to remote control Relay.

The settings of a camera can be adjusted by using this gCMOB application. It is a kind of remote-control setting.

This application has the option of a favorite camera. A user can put a camera in it in which he wants more focus. Thus, it makes an environment for a user to focus on areas of his priority.

It shows indicators about the health of the cameras. It also indicated any malfunctioning by any camera on that application.

With a high definition camera, the gCMOB application can even detect motion. Hence, any moment under the eye of a camera working under this application would not go unnoticed.

It is very easy to install this application. It can be done by simple QR code. There is no need to install any particular software for each camera. The gCMOB will do it for you.

It also enables its users to capture pictures and record videos on the mobile phone while doing a live preview.

How to install gCMOB HD

The gCMOB app for Android is available on playstore of all the Android devices. One can easily download it from there. It is important to download this application before the installation process can be started. Once the downloading is completed it can be installed on any Android device. Then there are multiple ways to connect it with the cameras. It can also be used with other devices like video encoders. It can simply be connected to the cameras by Wi-Fi or by QR code. It depends upon the user which method he uses to connect to the cameras. Definitely, he would go for anything that would be more convenient for him.

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Price of gCMOB HD

The gCmob application is free. It does not even cost a single penny. It is available on the Playstore. Whosoever wants it, he can download it from there.

Customer Review

USER 1: It is an incredible application. I know many people who are using it. They had some reservations about its previous versions but the new version is simply perfect for everyone. A year ago, I started to use it. I am very much satisfied with it. I have recommended it to many other people. They always thank me for suggesting something useful to them. It simply saved their time and money. There are a plethora of surveillance applications in the market. People often get fade up trying one after another finding that none met their expectations. Despondent people even resort to some expensive applications just to get good results. However, none of the surveillance applications has had ever gotten a good response like the gCMOB has got. Its new version is simply amazing. I just love it. I would highly recommend it to everyone.


With the launch of the new version, the gCMOB has become the most popular surveillance application in the market. It is being used not only by the people for the security surveillance of their homes but most of the people are keeping an eye on their business via cameras by using gCMOB application. The users of this system applications have crossed hundreds of thousands of figures. There are many things which are making this application popular among the masses. Many people rely on it for their daily routines. It has become a part and parcel of many people’s lives. Thus, when such a good and free application is available why to waste money and time on other application which cannot even deliver the desired results.