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Many reasons can lead to spying. Many business owners, especially the ones who operate big retail stores, love to keep tabs of everything that is happening in the stores. You can install spying cameras that can be easily connected to a PC. However, have you ever thought of spying on everything from the comfort of your androids phone? cMOB-20 app for Android is an application that enables you to have a view of what the spying cameras capture anytime, whenever it is convenient for you.

Donwload now free cMOB-20 app for Android mobile phones

With this app, it is made possible to keep in touch with your office, home, or shop anytime. The best thing about it is that no one can ever know that you are spying in them. You will not need a wired connection to do this. That is how beautiful technology is when you have this app on your phone. Spying can be illegal in some jurisdictions, but the benefits that come with it are immeasurable and that is why you should embrace it. The following are reasons why you should have this app on your android phone:

cMOB-20 app for Android

  • The app is free

The best thing about this app is that it is accessible through the Google play store. The app user is also not required to pay a single dime when using or to download the app. Unlike many other apps, this one has no restrictions that require you to pay subscription fees so that you can access premium features.

All the features are available for use after successful download and installation. The steps of downloading this app are very easy and straight to the point. All that you have to do is to make sure that your android device is connected to a mobile data network or Wi-Fi.

cMOB-20 app for Android does not go obsolete too. However, from time to time, it will require updating, which can be done from the same Google play store. The app does not lose any data when updating, and any saved files will hence remain intact.

  • It can be used to direct cameras

The app ensures that you have direct control of your cameras at any moment. Built with modest technology, the app comes with navigations that can be used to rotate the cameras in any direction. You don’t have to be within proximity to do this. In fact, this can be done when miles away from the location of the cameras. The technology is far much high than that of the remote system which requires to be pointed to a control system to move the cameras.

The beauty of this feature is that you will have the opportunity of spying your office, home, or retail store from any angle that you want. It is suitable for a retail store as it can help prevent shoplifting that happens at camera bends.

  • It can be used to play live recordings

If you have ever watched a live streaming session from the comfort of your television, then you will appreciate the feature that this app comes with. Unlike many other spying tools, which only have access to recorded instances, this gives the user an opportunity to live-stream whatever is going on in the office or shop.

The app will only require a connection to mobile data or Wi-Fi to perform this task. The best thing about this feature is that it can be used to do real-time investigations that require live feeds in. The app is recommended to spy agents or private investigators who may set a camera somewhere and watch from a safe distance.

This feature also helps to watch over small children or house helps when left at home alone. If you own a big shop or big firm and want to supervise workers comfortably from your business trip, then it is the best app to have besides other spying tools.

  • Has a playback feature

Playback feature is essential as it can enable you to rewind any part that might have been missed or speak accidentally. The playback feature comes in handy when spying was in motion for investigative purposes. The playback feature also acts as a recording and this can be used when retrieving vital information such as a crucial video to be used as evidence in legal proceedings.

In any case, the app was being used to spy on workers; the playback feature can be very helpful when you want to get clarifications on an instance that was never clear. It can help when clearing any doubt, especially when you sense some smoke or something fishy and the recording was not clear at the time of streaming.

Download cMOB-20 Surveillance Software

  • Can be used over mobile data

Sophisticated mobile apps for android phones will generally work when connected to a Wi-Fi network. However, this is not the same case as for this app. It can work very well and give steady feeds even when on mobile data. All that a user needs to do is ensure that the mobile courier or service provider has a stable network. If a user can access the 4G network, then this can be the best thing ever for streaming.

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Spying has been made easier and simple thanks to the cMOB-20 app for Android. This is the best app that can ever occur to you if you are looking for something economical that can assist in investigations. The world is changing and we need to endure that the people we love or the businesses that we cherish are safe. It is wise to prevent something before it actually worsens, say a worker has been shoplifting on a regular basis.

In as much as spying can be prohibited in some jurisdictions, spying on your own property can never be a crime. The app has been improved for a better experience. The newest version, 3.0.3, comes with an enhanced Insta-On-Connection.