Privacy Policy

Main intention of is to provide information thoroughly on gCMOB app. Here newbies will get to know about various features of gCMOB app and how to use them in regular surveillance world. We are devoted with strong privacy policy to protect our users.


We are merely providing information on gCMOB and its services, not associated or affiliated with CP Plus GmBh.

Information that we collect

Our website uses third party applications such as Google analytics that will track the behavior of users each time when they visit or view a page. By doing this it can avail your IP address, type of operating system, device type and know how much time that you spend on our site. Insights that we gain from users will not affect the privacy of users, it will be only and strictly used to improve our website performance. Google analytics uses cookies to save information of a user visit. Cookies are just files to store bit of information about a user interaction with our website. Users no need to provide any type of credentials to log in into our website.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Terms of privacy policy may change according our guidelines. We request you to visit our policy page on regular basis or bi-annual. If any changes made will be updated instantly to secure customers privacy.      

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