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There has been an increased need for surveillance and spying, especially among wealthy families. Spying using a camera that records all the happenings is not just enough. That is why the XMOB app for Android mobile phones allows a user to live stream happenings from a spying camera or a video encoder. In as much as spying may be illegal, you are never limited to what you do in your property, provided it does not jeopardize anyone’s security in a negative way.

Having an app that can enable you to stream whatever is going on in the office, house or own workplace has various advantages. This aspect that is mainly depicted in movies can also be actualized. Among the reasons as to why this technological app should be embraced include:

Used to capture evidence

At times, for some crucial legal proceedings, captured video recordings may be admitted as evidence too. The best thing about this app is that it facilitates this purpose. For instance, a spying agent can set up a camera and stream the feeds from a safe distance. The feeds will not only be explicit, but audible too if at all sound is required.

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The app also gives you the opportunity to tilt the camera at any angle that you may wish to provide a clear view. That means that the spying agent does not have to tilt the cameras from a position that can make him be made out.

Unlike remote controls that require proximity settings, this app will enable a user to tilt the camera to any angle even when miles away.

The app also has a playback future which enables recording of the events for future use. When streaming, a user can even fast rewind anything that is not clear from the beginning.

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Used in office supervision

At times it is always prudent to operate office supervision without being noticed. The tiniest spying cameras can be out in place and the workers may not have any idea. The best thing is that you don’t have to watch stuff from the PC, but the palm of your hands. No one will be interested in knowing whatever tasks you are performing with your phone, especially if you are the boss.

When on business trips, it is also possible to check on what is happening in the office. The app allows connectivity even when miles away.

In retail stores, spy cameras are used alongside standard cameras to enhance security in the areas that a typical camera cannot access because of their size. This app comes in handy to make sure that tabs are kept on whatever is happening. This will reduce the chances of shoplifting.

Monitoring private property

As you may want to scare away intruders, it may be prudent that you so safely do so. Guards in the property are not enough. The same people who are supposed to ensure the security of the property may be the same people jeopardizing it. However, it is possible to have the whole security system at the palm of your hands. A perfect spying camera with the XMOB app for Android mobile phones will always carry the way.

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Watching over babies

The baby may be fast asleep while you are in the leaving room. It would be best if you did not deny him the comfort of his bed simply because you want him to sleep beside you in the leaving room. A good spy camera with this app will help you monitor the baby’s activity when you are away. It also ensures security as you can monitor anything that comes into contact with your baby. You can also monitor the house help who is watching over him.

With this app, the cases of baby mistreatments with nannies will cease as the caregivers will be under constant watch.

Saves more money

The amount of money that an average person with a big family can spend on professional security can be so high, especially when you have to hire a bigger number. A spy camera can help an individual by his own security especially since they will have everything in control under their phone inside one app.

When you notice anything unusual around the office area or the homes, then a response team can be alerted. The best thing about the app is that you can save emergency numbers that are clicks away. With a mobile phone too, it makes it accessible to almost everyone around the globe. A spy camera plus this app can be the best security companion ever.

The cost of having several spying cameras under the control of one central app, which is absolutely free when downloaded, is affordable compared to paying hired guards. The cameras will only cost when they need replacement. The app will only cost in terms of internet connectivity which is not expensive in the long run. The app can run on a data connection or a Wi-Fi connection.


Any security expert will tell you that you should get in charge of your home security. This may include employing personal guards or even using dog guards. However, when you compare the efficiency of alternative means to what spying cameras with the assist of what XMOB app for Android mobile phones can do, you will realize the latter is the better option.

Having spitting cameras, let alone the app is a personal decision. But come to think of the sense of security that your conscience will have when you probably got everything under control at the palm of your eyes. The kids will be safe. The worker will perform optimally as they will be on the constant watch. There will also be an unlikelihood of losing any item in the office.

Anyone who uses the XMOB app for Android mobile phones with the help of a spying camera has taken on a decision that they will never regret.

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